Our Biggest Adventure.

For the past 10 years we had been on a quest to find our place in this world. Little did we know it would lead us to Colorado, and even more surprising , that we would end up finding our place in the great plains of eastern Colorado rather than the mountains, as we thought.
We were full of dreams, of a simpler life with lots of room for the children to roam free,  of creating a self-sufficient and eco friendly life and now those dreams are finally starting to come true, though not without some sacrifices, but still worth it.

Almost a year ago we found this place, 8 acres , a little house in a very small town, and just a month ago it finally became ours. Our biggest adventure has just begun.


Len said...

More stars, fresh air, space to move, and best of all, more time to spend together!

Beth Leyba said...

It's beautiful!

Chickadee said...

So happy for you both!