Sixth Day of Christmas... Watch a movie.

 Lady Gaga and the Muppets? Ok why not.

Update:  yikes  I did not like  that show. It was all Lady Gaga and hardly any Muppets or Christmas music.I was highly disappointed.

Third day of Christmas... A Bonfire and Christmas Stories

For today's activity,  we decided to make a nice fire in our back yard. The snow was starting to fall and we told Christmas stories. Stories of elves, and ornaments floating in space, and snow girls looking for the moon... it was magical.

Second day of Christmas ... A joke and jacks.

What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?...  frostbite!

 We have a  holiday countdown calendar and  that joke, along with candy canes were our activity for today. We  also did a little holiday shopping  and bought Jacks, which the kids had never played before.

Making goop

While the older kids and dad were away for the day here Pumpkin and I decided to make some goop. It was very easy to make and so much fun to squeeze and play with.

Pillowcase nightgowns

These were very easy to make , not to mention, inexpensive. A nice way to make use of old pillowcases. All I did was  cut the pillowcase so that I had enough fabric for the skirt and bodice.Used my favorite bodice pattern and attached the rest of the pillowcase to the bodice.

I never finished the August Break.

Maybe I will finish it in September. I have been feeling  stressed lately and was not in the mood for all the work it takes to post pictures in a group full of really good photographers.With a new year of home school approaching and other things happening at home, I just did not want to overwhelm myself with something that is supposed to be fun.  I love my new camera and I am still taking pictures. So I am cool.

Day One--- Breakfast

I am following along Susannah Conway's The August Break, 2013.I am not a photographer but I thought this might be fun. more info here

Fun, Love, girl.

Recently, we went to park near our house and found this heart, made of pine needles.

Suddenly, Sofia was busy working.

Basket full of goodies.

Bunnies, Chicks and Carrots, these cute little creatures are leaving me to be part of a swap.

A Tablecloth to Embroider.

I found an already stamped tablecloth at the thrift store years ago.The person who donated it got as far as buying some floss for it, mostly blue,but that is ok, since I have different colors and the motivation to get it out of a box and start working on it.