About 2 years ago my Sofia, drew a picture of an unicorn and asked me if I could make it into a doll for her. I was supposed to finish it for her 6th birthday but I just could not get past the head.She asked me again last week if I could please finish it for her birthday this year. Ok my dearest I will try it again. I will attempt to turn this
and this
I will be using this amigurumi  pattern, it is called Amara the Unicorn by Katrina Wogoman.
Wish me luck!

Gnome factory

Yesterday we played with the math gnomes for a bit during "school". After we were done they still wanted to play with the gnomes and asked me if I could make them some. I said yes, and of course they had the bright idea of designing them. They each got to draw their own special gnome, and while listening to The Hunger Games on audio last night I gathered my supplies and this is the result.