Pumpkin Picking...Hats!

It is still summer here but my favorite season is fast approaching. Every year we go to a local pumpkin picking/fall festival,and this year the kids will have pumpkin hats.
Two hats done one more to go.

Fun at the beach.

What is summer without going to a beach? Sand,water,sun, lots of sun here in Colorado but not much in the way of beaches or lakes or rivers...,oh how do we miss New York's waterways! This beach was quite all right for the children, they enjoyed it and that is what matters.

Lammas and First day of "School"

Our first day of school, also happened to be Lughnasadh, so we decided to go for a short drive to the country and stopped at a park to have a picnic and read a bit from the Lughnasadh issue of Pooka Pages.