Learning to Knit Part One

Part one is making the needles using wood rods bought at the craft store.
We sanded the rods to make them smooth (dad took care of making one end of each rod pointy)
Next we warmed the rods in the heat vent and then rubbed beeswax on them.
Then we used a piece of cloth to polish the rod. (See Darth Vader peeking on the left hand corner?)
Finally we glued a bead to the other end of the rod. We did not have any wooden beads so I made these out of polymer clay and the kids painted them, and ta da! knitting needles.


Craft designers

The children love doing crafts. A few years ago Sofia started coming up with her own craft ideas. The process is simple,first the idea is drawn on the chalk board. We gather the supplies and then we work on making the craft.I usually have no idea what the symbols mean, so it is up to the "designer" to describe the steps needed to complete the craft.


Finished product.