Still here

I am still here and the crafting is still going on, but not as much since I am a bit under the weather.

 I am not a good blogger but, who cares, I do not pretend to be a photographer nor a writer, surely anyone who stumbles across this little blog can tell. This blog does not really have a purpose but I am having fun with it and that is what matters.
I will probably post the pictures of our holiday crafting later...or not.

Day 3

It is so very easy to buy prepackaged craft kits! Sometimes the colors are not right or parts are missing but that is no problem for my kids.

Fun with leaves

A wind storm hit us last night. This morning we found a few things out of place,but nothing really bad. Lots of leaves from neighboring trees landed in our back yard, so we took the opportunity to go on a hunt to find interesting leaves. We brought a bunch back in the house and we got to work. 
We got some contact paper, cut it into squares  and  pressed some leaves on the sticky side.


About 2 years ago my Sofia, drew a picture of an unicorn and asked me if I could make it into a doll for her. I was supposed to finish it for her 6th birthday but I just could not get past the head.She asked me again last week if I could please finish it for her birthday this year. Ok my dearest I will try it again. I will attempt to turn this
and this
I will be using this amigurumi  pattern, it is called Amara the Unicorn by Katrina Wogoman.
Wish me luck!

Gnome factory

Yesterday we played with the math gnomes for a bit during "school". After we were done they still wanted to play with the gnomes and asked me if I could make them some. I said yes, and of course they had the bright idea of designing them. They each got to draw their own special gnome, and while listening to The Hunger Games on audio last night I gathered my supplies and this is the result.

Pumpkin Picking...Hats!

It is still summer here but my favorite season is fast approaching. Every year we go to a local pumpkin picking/fall festival,and this year the kids will have pumpkin hats.
Two hats done one more to go.

Fun at the beach.

What is summer without going to a beach? Sand,water,sun, lots of sun here in Colorado but not much in the way of beaches or lakes or rivers...,oh how do we miss New York's waterways! This beach was quite all right for the children, they enjoyed it and that is what matters.

Lammas and First day of "School"

Our first day of school, also happened to be Lughnasadh, so we decided to go for a short drive to the country and stopped at a park to have a picnic and read a bit from the Lughnasadh issue of Pooka Pages.

Community Camping

My local mom's group organizes a yearly campout.This is our second year doing the campout. It was nice to see all the families and the children had a blast.

Chicks and Mushrooms

These little chicks are going to new homes tomorrow, each  bringing  a mushroom along.

What's For Dinner?

Monday February 13, Hamburgers.
If it were up to her she'd make hamburgers every Monday. I make the bread (buns) and she mixes the ground beef with seasonings. Dad grills them.

Learning to Knit Part One

Part one is making the needles using wood rods bought at the craft store.
We sanded the rods to make them smooth (dad took care of making one end of each rod pointy)
Next we warmed the rods in the heat vent and then rubbed beeswax on them.
Then we used a piece of cloth to polish the rod. (See Darth Vader peeking on the left hand corner?)
Finally we glued a bead to the other end of the rod. We did not have any wooden beads so I made these out of polymer clay and the kids painted them, and ta da! knitting needles.


Craft designers

The children love doing crafts. A few years ago Sofia started coming up with her own craft ideas. The process is simple,first the idea is drawn on the chalk board. We gather the supplies and then we work on making the craft.I usually have no idea what the symbols mean, so it is up to the "designer" to describe the steps needed to complete the craft.


Finished product.