Celebrating Samhain

I know, I know, it is half way through November already.

Oh what a special night! I made a big harvest dinner to celebrate,roasted chicken, stuffed pumpkin...yum! Kids dressed up to go "treat or treating" and once they got back we devoured that big chicken and all the delicious food.After we were done Len set the fire pit in the backyard lawn chairs around it. We all sat down around the fire and listened to Samhain stories. "G" was not too happy being too near the fire, "A" mostly ran all over the place,though he really wanted to run around the fire. "S" sat near me enjoying the stories.

The Procrastinator

~sigh~ Yes that is me,The Procrastinator. I still have not made much progress cleaning my sewing area. I need some motivation...

The dress is done

Gee! it took me a long time to finish such a simple dress. Who would have thought taking care of 3 children was so time consuming?

Not where I was hoping to be

I have not finished organizing my sewing space(Shocking!Not really).At least I have cleaned my sewing machine,and I got my Daphne Dress last week. Yeepee! I am very excited to start the sewalong.

craft corner clean up

I am cleaning and organizing my corner in our office.This is where I have my computer , sewing machines and all my sewing and craft supplies.Most of my fabric is stored in plastic bins in the garage. Today is day 2 of this cleaning and organizing project and my goal is to get it done today.